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  Quarter Mile Racing

Let’s say you have just made an excellent pass at the drag strip.

You know your elapsed time and final speed from the final slip.

Now how would you determine the actual Horse Power

That your engine is putting out in "Record Time"?

Sure you could break out the hand calculator

And struggle through a number of formulas to get the answer

 – but –

There is now an Easier and Faster Way to get the answer

With just a few clicks of the mouse on your 

Win 7/XP PC or Laptop.


                      Quarter_Miler_Calc can then compute the Horse Power
                           Quickly and even more importantly Accurately!

                                                         That is not all!

Dial in your Race Car:

Calculate Density Altitude – Very Important

Calculate Weight

Calculate Horse Power

Calculate Elapsed Time

Calculate Miles per Hour

 You will receive detailed information for every Quarter Mile Race!

 See for yourself the

POWER of this UNIQUE program

 Check out the Actual Screen Shot and Start Winning Today!

 Special Web site Price!!

QuarterMilerCalc on CD-Rom

$24.95 plus $6.50 Priority Mail Shipping

 Payment by Check or Money Order made payable to:

P.O. Box 5002

Carson CA 90749-5002




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