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Cut The Light Reaction Time  Simulator  
This racing program simulates both the Sportsman and Pro Christmas Trees and calculates Reaction Time down to one thousandth or a second.  

 YouTube Video - Cut The Light in ACTION on the PC!
(PC version available - contact RASCOM)

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Cut The LightS
Now Available on the

Barnes & Noble 
NookTM   NookHDTM  NookHDPlusTM


7" & 10.1" TABLETS


 GOOGLE play for other tablets!

Check it out!


.Come on take the challenge - it is you versus your tablet for the fastest reaction time - win and watch a true 1/4 mile racing video.

The Pro and Sportsman tree make for an incredible app - join the fun!!


Racing CutTheLightS -->NOOK App : Drag Racing CutTheLightS
NOOK App : Drag Racing CutTheLightHD+
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